6 Simple Ways To Lose Your Readership

6 Simple Ways To Lose Your Readership

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6 Simple Ways To Lose Your Readership


If the question above touches your curiosity, it means that your curiosity will save you. This article will discuss some simple ways to lose your readership. You can avoid losing it by reading this article till the end.

We all know that none of blog owners who want to lose their readership. It was a disaster. You also definitely don?t want to do something that will make you lose your readership, don?t you?

So, let?s get started..

Here the 6 simple ways to lose your readership. Get to know early on what actions will make your readers away from your blog. Once you know it, all you have to do is do the opposite action!

Way #1: You Don?t Engage With Your Readers

In many cases, you write a good article, but you don?t open a place for your readers to get involved in the conversation or comment on your blog. As a reader, do you know what it feels like?

Yes, the article will feel empty. If you have something you want to discuss, you don?t even know how to reach the author. Then your next move is going to close the site and start looking for another blog that is more appreciative their readers.

Tips for you: You should engage your readers in each of your post, because it?s good and beneficial for you. Free up your readers to comment and converse with you. They will feel valued and automatically your readership will increase along with the increasing readers that involved in your post.

Way #2: You Don?t Care What Your Readers Say


Once you let your readers get involved in your article, the other way that will make you lose your readership is you don?t even care what your readers say. It?s like a one-sided conversation though.

As the blog owner, your readership is everything. They are a major determinant in order to grow your blog and well exposed.

Try to imagine what would happen with your blog without your readership. There will be no one who likes your article, no one is going to comment on your blog, no one will share your article and no one will criticize your writing style anymore. It was worse than a disaster, wasn?t it?

The role of your readers are to give criticism and advice to you about what is missing from your blog, or tell you what can be improved to make your blog better than before.

That way, as the blog owner, you will get a good impression from your readers and it will make your blog?s visibility stronger than ever.

Tips for you: Listen to your readers! They will make your blog be better than ever. Whatever you do, you should make sure that you have a user friendly blog, a blog that easy to navigate and can reach everyone as needed.

Way #3: You Make Your Website Outdated


If that happens to you, then you have a debt to your readers. Delays in updating your website will greatly affect the amount of your readers. They faithfully waiting for an update from you, but you disappeared and there was no news. Of course, this can make you lose your readership for sure.

Tips for you: If you are late in updating your website, tell your readers and explain the reason why you are late updating it. You don?t need to explain it in great detail, a simple explanation will work. Your honesty will be appreciated by your readers. Then, you have to make sure that it would not happen anymore.

Way #4: Poor Editing Practices And Poor Proofreading

Even if you create a very informative and insightful article, if the article was filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, there will be no one who bothered to read that troublesome article.

Your readers will prefer to seek information from other sites that are easier to understand. If that happens to you, slowly but sure, you will lose your readership.

Tips for you: Before you publish your article, make sure your article doesn?t have grammatical errors. Even if you have your own writing style, but still it should be grammatically correct.

Way #5: You Don?t Accept Guest Posts


Most readers will love your blog because they want to read your perspective of seeing things. Although the same issues raised, the difference perspective will make it into a different problem. That?s why, a writing style is important for bloggers.

However, there will be a time when your readers will feel bored with your blog. If you don?t change the tone at your site, you will lose your readership slowly. And one way to overcome this problem is to publish someone else?s article on your blog, in this case is a guest post.

 Tips for you: You can find guest authors in many places online. One thing to remember is the guest posts should be related to your blog. There is nothing to fear if you have published a guest post on your blog, guest posting is a win-win strategy for you and guest authors.

Way #6: You Have A Crazy Interface

Yes, indeed you must. However, the uniqueness of your blog doesn?t have to be on the point making the people?s eyes that saw it jump out from their head. Your blog must be unique at a reasonable point.

Tips for you: Do not use an annoying flash on your blog and stay away from crazy colors. Your blog should be comfortable in the eyes, easy to navigate and easy to find the desired menu.

That?s it! 6 simple ways to lose your readership. If you want to increase your readership, then you can use the ways in this article as a checklist and guide to increase your readership even more.

Then, what is the meaning of the readers for you?

What did you do in order to prevent your blog from losing your readership?

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