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PostHeaderIcon ADZbuzz Ublock Review: Evolution of Adblocker

Evolution of Adblocker (image credit:

It has been a while now since my last post. 😀

Been playing with Instagram for a while now and got much valuable knowledge, but I realized one thing: money comes from ads.

Either I have blogs or good Instagram account, the money comes mostly by displaying ads on our blogs/account.

Now there are polite, forced, and even malicious ads I’ve encountered. The one (in form of links) that sometimes I put on my blogs which match the article’s content, is a polite one because the visitors have a choice to click the ads or not. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Beware the Threat of Ransomware (Infographic)

Beware the Threat of Ransomware (Infographic)

Ransomware is a malicious computer activity which derives its name from the nature in which hackers infiltrate your device.

By rendering it unusable until such time as you pay a defined fee, you are essentially being held to ransom for the use of your computer.

It’s a highly advanced and damaging activity that has been targeted not only at individual users, but even schools and hospitals. Read the rest of this entry »


i phone image png

PostHeaderIcon 18 Top Networking Sites for Startup Founders

18 Networking Sites for Startup Founders

18 Networking Sites for Startup Founders

For startup founders, networking is very important!

Success is the right of all people. But to achieve success, you can not do it alone, especially if you founding a startup.

In order to make your startup success, there are some things you should consider, one of them is networking.

Networking will be your lifeline if you make a decision to founding a startup. No matter you like it or not, you have to build a network with the right people and get support from all kinds of people. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Effective Ways for Choosing the Laboratory Management System

Laboratory Management System

Laboratory Management System

With increased number of laboratories and overwhelming amounts of test data and information, it has now become important to provide the results with accuracy by the latest technologies.

The laboratory management system can be used as the enhanced diagnostic instrument with the proper use of the software applications.

Therefore, some factors are required to be considered while selecting the lab management system. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Why Should You Switch To Magento For Your Ecommerce Website?


Magento is becoming the most popular CMS for the ecommerce websites. It is needless to say that the retail world varying from the start-ups to the branded ones are all bending towards Magento. It has been found from a study that more than 200,000 retailers are going by this craze.

You can learn reviews to understand the craze of Magento throughout the entire world. Now, let us recognize the reasons why the ecommerce website administrators should switch to this particular CMS platform. Read the rest of this entry »

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