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For those of you lucky people who already have a Google Glass, which was launched some time ago, you will find that the camera on the Google Glass has been changed to be much better. That is progress being made by Google as he had promised.

Recently, Google has just updated their Google Glass by releasing a patch that brings an increase in the robo-eyewear from Google Glass. Patch in question is HDR photography and on-the-fly photo captions.

If you don’t know what HDR (High Dynamic Range), I will explain it in my own writing style. If there is an error, please correct me. Actually, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is not a new thing for you smartphone owners, because the smartphone cameras have been equipped by HDR. HDR can take some photos in an instant, and then combine the photos and finally select the photo that has the best picture brightness levels.

Another benefit you will get from this development is when for example you take a picture in the room that the lighting is not good, Google Glass will realize and admit it and will lift the photo exposure becomes better.

If you are curious how the actual sample photos from Google Glass with the HDR, here are some before and after shots. From several examples of this photo you can see the difference:

Google Glass Sample Picture

Google Glass Sample Picture

Google Glass Sample Picture

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