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The essence of setting up a blog or website is to let millions of web surfers know that your products and services exist, this is for marketers and entrepreneurs. For a blogger who just wants to share his thoughts and ideas, well it is important that he gain better online presence to attract more visitors and be able to interact with more people. There is one simple solution to these and it’s to install a chat app that will enable better communication exchange between the website or blog owners and website visitors.


Choose Chatwing chatbox since it has been proven to promote ease of access and use. Installation is consist of three easy to accomplish steps anyone can literally do it. Since embedding will only require you less than a minute, you can focus on other important aspects such as customization and communication adjustments.

Chatwing is highly modifiable that most users are commending this feature of the advanced chat app. You can customize the chat box not just in terms of physical design but also when it comes to its communication functions.


Let’s focus with altering the appearance of the chat widget first. You can mix and match different hues for the username, links and messages or experiment with font sizes and styles. It’s important that you make the messages readable to not strain your blog visitor’s eyes. You can change the background image or theme and choose from the hundreds of pre designed themes available. You are also allowed to upload images and music, too. You can adjust the size of the widget and there are emoticons and avatars to play with.

In terms of communication advantages, you can set the language of the chat tool and you can chat with thousands of web surfers real time. You may choose to make your chatroom accessible to millions of social media users or limit the log in methods acceptable, but why would you do that if we are aiming for better online presence? Yahoo and Gmail can also be set as valid log in methods.

Imagine the possibilities and opportunities you’ll gain from improved web traffic. Meeting new friends and important contacts will surely take you to places and open up doors for you. These are all possible with just a simple yet very efficient chat app – Chatwing.

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